Saturday, April 11, 2009

Elder Does Not Mean Better

As we grow older, we experienced more things and events. These causes us to have more knowledge and the ability to give good judgement and advise.

But does it necessary be true all the times?

This question crossed my mind when I witnessed a case involving a parent teaching her daughter upper elementary math.

The daughter was trying to avoid a certain math question that involves ratio. The mother seeing the problem confronted the kid and discover that the question was challenging.

She tried to work that out thinking that at an upper elementary level, the math question should not be difficult to solve,and was wondering why the kid was "running"away from it.

Half an hour passed by with the mother still struggling with the question. Some thing went really wrong!

What was surprising was that the daughter sensing that her mother wasn't able to solve it, took up the challenge instead of avoiding it now.

After staring at the paper for about 3 minutes or so, she wrote something out of logic, something not that mathematical, but with the answer from only 4 steps of working.

She outdid her mother!

What this event proved was that given the correct attitude, any person can come out better solution and idea. Experience is good but not all.

It also goes to show that one have to keep on learning and staying mentally active. It does not always mean that being elderly has the call and advantage.

It is a race and everyone can catch up with you at any time. Fierce message, right?

Do not despair. Just do what is right and proper. It is sufficient to keep you happy and comfortable. Cheers!


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