Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wasting Time By Worrying About Yesterday

Do you notice that there are times when you worry about the events that happened yesterday?

You may have made some mistakes that cause you anxiety, or you may spoken something wrongly. They worried you.

You lost focused in your current work, dwelling on what was past. Your mind slipped now and then back to yesterday.

Is it healthy mentally for this to happen?

I supposed you know the answer.

What is actually lost is your time.

What happened in the past should be captured as learning points to be enhanced as experience.
This way of thinking will reduce your anxiety and will make you feel better and happier.

You have to treat mistakes made as treasure. They may not come back again.

Move on with this experience to create a better you. Focus on the present and improve.

To see the light of future is better than looking back in darkness. Dwelling in the past darkness causes you to lost precious time that will melt away with your unconscious knowledge, until it is too late.

Know that every event, whether present or past, that happens are important to you. But knowing that things have to move on regardless of the past is more important.

With this mentality and with constant practice, you will ultimately find yourself improving with a happy attitude. You will treat every little happenings you encountered that "highlights" of your life, which are very unique to any individuals.

Don't waste anymore time thinking and worrying about the yesterdays. They cannot come back.

Move on with joy. Cheers!


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