Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Rid of Confusion, Aim for Clarity

In life, we are bombarded with many information. Some information are there for the sake of attention. They are the unnecessary advertisements. They confuses!

To make sense of the information flow, we should direct only relevant item to the correct channel. The rest will, and should be, moved to the garbage area for disposal.

This is the way our mind should perform. Removing rubbish, while keeping the important.

Learn to differentiate the wanted from the unwanted.

Learn to clear the mental flow instead of clog up the information passage.
Aim for clarity and not confusion.

Staying focus is one method to doing the proper thing. Practice concentration technique to enhance this focusing.

One of these concentration technique is our "touch" typing. It forces you to look at your material instead of the keyboard.

Another example is to stare at an item for a defined period of time without care for the noise that goes round.

Building this skill to rid your mind of irrelevance saves you unnecessay time lost.
You can imagine a warehouse full of disorganised goods. How to locate the desired item?

Our brain, the warehouse inside our skull, is an invaluable asset we posses that decide our future. Fill it with good stuff and your life will be equally good, later.

Confused? I hope not!

Happy reading..



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Anonymous said...

Good one

Eddy said...

Simple and real

Commission Bot said...

After read this Article my confusion was totally rid off. now i am feeling relax for any toughest task.