Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Resistance To New Learning Areas

Everybody has some form of inertia within. The reluctance to move out of the comfort zone is a well-known fact.

This inhibits progress. This makes one stagnant in knowledge.

Information is ever-changing in this era of fast moving society. When you stop, you will lack behind with growing margin depending on stoppage duration. Frightening, right?

Never start, never learn. This is key to removing the resistance of learning.

Take it as a personal exposure disregarding any repercussion that may come along. Do not fear venturing into new areas. After all what can be lost compared to staying put?

Think on the positive side that you are looking for excitement. Excitement is the element that keeps the day fun and bright, besides making it meaningful.

Why hold yourself back?

Even making mistakes along the way is good lesson learnt. You will find fulfillment. Trust me (and yourself).

With information comes knowledge. With knowledge comes application. It is this process of thought within learning that propel you forward and making the "discomfort" zone comfortable.

Forming a habit to move on, picking up new things along the journey will reduce the inertia and resistance to see and experience fresh information.

Just remind yourself that there is nothing to lose by capturing knowledge that is abundant nowadays.

Feel free mentally. Remove the mental block and fly over any obstacle that lies ahead.

Happy self-improvement. Cheers!


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