Friday, July 10, 2009

One Sure Way To Be HAPPY

There are many ways to make a person happy.

But one sure way to be happy is ...

turn off the television or computer, and start talking to humans.

People, being social beings, need communication and idea sharing.

They like to pass message, one-way or both-way.

They like to share their feelings.
They like to show their affection and emotion.
They like to express.

Why is this so?

To communicate, you feel good.
We release some stress that may have accumulated through the working day.

To communicate, you can motivate others.
We need to show concern for our love ones, or the people we care for.

By showing and communicating our emotion to others, we are allowing others to show the same to us. It is mutual.

The television or computer cannot do that!

Therefore, to stay and be happy, cut down the number of hours in front of the television or computer. Talk to others. Act like a human being.

You will then feel like normal and being part of the human community.

You will be happy. This is a sure way.

Try it. Turn your computer off now and communicate to anyone around you.




Aprill said...

Good post..
Technologhy make people lonely..We forget to communicate.
We all should realize this and we shouldnt forget our human side..

Happy Person said...

Hi Aprill,
Thanks for the compliment. Technology does help mankind, but too much of it reduces the facial and emotional interaction needed for human. Being aware of this fact is enough to wake us up for real communication and staying happy, truly.

Nothing Profound said...

Right on, as usual. Something happens when you're face to face with another person that can't be replaced by any kind of mechanical or technological communication. An exchange of feeling, a physical presence that grounds us in reality.