Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Method | Target One Good Thing Everyday

There are many ways to be happy.
However, if there is no plan and no focus, you will lost track of your happy vision.

One easy way to start the day is to have a target.
Choose a good thing that you want to achieve.
Just any random action or task that comes to your mind the instance you wake up.

It has to be comfortable and pleasant to do.
It could simply be a handshake to a new staff in your office, or a smile to the bus driver.

Just make it happen if given the chance.
Better still seize the chance, or create the opportunity if possible.

Action is the key word.
Make it happen, the good thing that you plan for.

You may start off having one, and growing to more if you like.

Over the days, you will find that you will have more "feedbacks".
These "feedbacks" are the paybacks that you planted all these days doing good things.

You will find yourself getting happier along the way.
It will be amazing. The outcome will be fantastic given the slight effort on your part.

This is a form of self-improvement.
An improvement on your mental health.

Try it today.
It's free.
It's easy.

It all depends on you.

Cheers! :)

Be happy.


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