Monday, March 15, 2010

Feeling Demoralised? Try This


Feeling down one time or another?

It is normal though.

But what have you to do when you are really off your best?

Being demoralised can happen to anyone. Nobody can escape this fact.
Therefore, understand why you are facing this situation when you are down.

Many factors can be the contributors.
One example can be lack of energy due to depletion of sleep.
It could be that someone is talking bad about you.
It could be that you are not being appreciated after all the things you have done.
The list can go on........

But you are the one who could pull yourself OUT of the slope!

If you have ran out of ideas to boost yourself up, the below is one sure way to kick yourself  UP.

Always keep something that you like to do, and that you can do it well.
Reserve this task for time when you are down.

Do the task to bring up your excitement and happy "juice".
After sometime on this task, you will find an energetic you.

This method works for me.

Hope it does to you too.

However, just remember one thing,
"If you want to be down, nobody else can pull you up. You are the best choice".

:-)   All the Best !


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EeHai said...

Some times, we can twist our thinking round by looking at the good things others do not have but we have. It will brighten up your day at least for a while. This may start a chain effect spreading and nake you feel better and up.

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