Friday, January 9, 2009

Loving Yourself

Self-inflicted injuries means not loving yourself.

Why cause harm to yourself?

Don't you treasure yourself?

The injuries may not be physical but emotional.

Self-blame can cause injuries to your soul.

It is damaging. With constant blaming, you will spiral downwards.

Love yourself.

If you have tried your best, you will fully understand that whatever failure that follow suit can not be excused.

Even if others do not accept your excuse, you are the best person to accept it yourself.

No one is better in understanding you than yourself.

If you have your reason for doing a particular thing, you are the best person to know why.
No words can clearly express what you think.

Therefore, love yourself and take care of yourself.

You are the only one in the world. The are no TWO you.

As long as you think you are sincere and good in doing, praise yourself. No need for others to chip in. It will only be a bonus if they do that.

Having this mindset will enable you to love yourself well, independent of external factors.
In this way, you will strive to improve and treasure yourself more.

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