Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motivational Factor

Everyone needs motivation at times.

This is especially so when you are exhausted and need a bit of an emotional push to get you on.

However, motivation come in two forms, namely, short term and the long term motivation.

Short term may be linked to completing a task or studies. You just need a praise from someone to get on with the work, or a token of appreciation to hammer on.

Long term motivation is the more critical form of the two.

This motivation is the one that drives you on throughout your life.

Is money a factor of motivation?
Or it is knowledge?
Does power and authority excites you?

These are some of the examples of motivation factors that you question yourself.

Until you know very well what drives you on, you will be confuse about your direction in life.

You may be wandering from getting power to capturing knowledge, and then moving on to earning more money. What is your dominant motivational factor?

To achieve self-improvement successful, you need to identify this crucial item in yourself.

Only through self-evaluation and reviewing of your interest and inclination, you can then know what really matter to you.

It can be a hybrid between all, but the one that ignites you, when you are down, has to be the one that you are comfortable with.

Thus to be on the path of improvement, seek this motivational factor of yours. This will then be your guiding beam to lead you onto the path of wonders.

Being truthful is happiness.


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