Thursday, January 22, 2009

Understanding Others

Confucius once said " It is not the understanding of us by others, but the understanding of others by us that matters".

To know how others think and react is a skill everyone should have to live harmoniously together. We live in a community of people.

People have their own thoughts and interpretations of events happening daily. They form and educate themselves through these daily encounters.

Each and everyone, thus, grow in diversified direction with clash of ideas at times.

There is no right or wrong. Each has their own explanation to outcomes and happenings.

So how do we judge others?
Or should we let others judge us?

If you are honest and up-right, there is no fear of being mis-understood by others in the long run. They may get the wrong impression initially, but overtime, they will realise who you are.

Therefore, is it important to market ourselves aggressively and hope that others will appreciate us?

Rather than wanting people to understand us, why not spend time understanding others?

Knowing people around us and their in-depth personalities, will help us maintain a good relation with them. Rapport and mutual co-operation can then exist. Teamwork will be enhanced as a result. Frictions will be reduced through the close understanding of others and their behaviours.

Therefore , strive to look into others rather than creating opportunities for others to look into you. They will want to know you if they find your desirable. Fear not.

Stay happy and cheerful for a lively future....

:) Mary had a little lamb, little lamb........


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