Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safe Way To React When Lost In Decision-Making

There are plenty of decisions to be made daily. Some are critical while some as not.

Mentally the decisions may be easy or they may be tough.

Some decisions are for long-term purpose while some are short-term in nature.

Good decision making skill is therefore needed and crucial for anyone.

Experience is a major factor in making good decision that has less disruption and is effective.

But there are times when we are totally lost. It may be due to confusion, or not having a good rest the previous night,or there may be family problems, etc.

How should we handle this situation?

We are all human to start off. No blaming or negative thoughts to the inability to make a decision should come into the picture.

Understand the situation and the impact of the decision.

If it is not time critical, leave it for further consideration. Know that a quick and rush decision is not a good choice. Wait till more information can be gathered to assist in making the decision.
Ensure that the mind is clear before a good-quality direction can be decided.
Re-visit the consideration only when you are comfortable and fine, and ready.

Talk to more people involved with similar incidents, and analyse their experience.
Balance the pro and cons. Be "real" and honest.
Question whether you are able to absorb the failure when outcome does not meet expectation.

No point in getting through a decision-making for the sake to satisfy and close the case.
The outcome may come back and haunt you later on. Be realistic and be responsible.

When the decision is time-sensitive, use your available knowledge with advise from anyone present, if possible, to come out with a conclusion. A safe way is to give a temporary answer to move forward but allow for adjustment when more information pours in.

After that, realise that you have done your best, given the tight situation. Praise yourself and prepare to monitor the process.

In these days of hectic schedule, "trying your best" is a key word. Learn and gather as much information as possible during normal time for the purpose of making better decision when the time calls for it.

Do be honest and factor in realistic, down-to-earth information before committing to a decision.

Be happy after that.
Cheers to better decision-making.


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