Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scaling New Heights

When you remain in the same place too long, or is doing the same old things over and over again,
try something new.

It can also means travelling a different route, taking different bus, reading books written by another author, or simply listening to a song sung by another singer.

Why do that?

It will, of course, give you a different perspective to life. It will expose you to another new dimension to a perceived view. More information will be captured to give you that capability.

Scaling new heights is the keyword.

Reach for new level in your understanding of certain things, people, knowledge or any areas of personal interest.

The benefits are not limited to widening your view, it gives you more confidence in engaging in casual talks. It encourages you to meet more people. It widens your scope in life!

Looking at things from another angle is also a form of scaling new heights. Just a bit of mind-twisting, and you will discover a bright new picture never thought of.

Activate your sleepy mind. Do not allow it to freely run into the normally travelled path.

Kick your thinking and shift your thoughts to a side-walk, a path less travelled. Move it to explore new ideas and practice. You will discover that you can see and do interesting things. In fact, everyone can do it.

Only through effort comes rewards. And the rewards will be treasured by you, for they are discovered by tracking on new grounds. Break out from the conventional comfort zone!



Loomis said...

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amit said...

lovely, i also like new places to and work, but the demerit in me is i always take the easy and same route to go any place, to do any work, i will surely change it as inspire by your post.

Johnny said...

It need courage to break out from the conventional comfort zone :)