Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honestly Living

I believe everyone has done things against your conscious.

You are not willing, but circumstances forced you to do it.

How do you feel?
Do you feel good or rotten?

The answer is clear and obvious.

Why do you feel bad?
It is because you have a conscious. A knowledge that you are tied down by rules and regulations.

Then how?
Should you continue with it and stay on doing things against your wish?

You can choose to change your environment and rid yourself of the nasty tasks. But this may be temporary. Similar happenings may surface again in your new environment.

As long as there are people, you will face this sort of things sooner or later.

What is more permanent is the handling of your feelings.

Look towards the bright side of things.
Accepting that this is part of living.
Change your mindset towards the task.
Know that you are doing something fine though it is not to your liking.

Be honest with yourself. Seek understanding from yourself.

If the task is way above your ability to handle emotionally, drop it for the sake of a long-term merit.

Remember that practice makes perfect.
If you practice staying with things you dislike, you will perfect staying with things you dislike!

Live honestly. You have only one life. Be truthful with yourself.

Don't force yourself too much if the going is too tough for you to take, especially if it goes against your principles.

You may lost something temporarily from the defiance, but you stand to gain in the long-run.
Be prudence, though.
Stay rationale. Think before you leap.

"Be honest and live honestly with yourself" should be your guide.


1 comment:

Wenny said...

Hi Happy Person
Conscience is the key that separates the right from the wrong. Use it wisely and we will not be doing things we dislike.

The Law of Attraction says "like attracts like", so maintaining ourselves in a situation we dislike, we will always in that sad predicament.

You are right, we should move out!