Saturday, January 17, 2009

Avoidance Mindset

It is human nature to avoid difficulties when given the chance.

We will find all sorts of excuses to cover our fears and weaknesses.

If there is a shortcut to get way or solve the issue, we will go for it.

We avoid problems!

However, are we doing ourselves a disservice?

Yes, we fear trouble.
We may not be able to face the consequences of failure.
We dare not accept the fact that we are weak. It affects our pride and confidence.

But, honestly, speaking, what do we get out of avoiding?

The answer is that we stay put. Status quo. No progress.

To move forward and accept whatever challenge that we face is in the long run, good for us.
We are moving closer to a better us. We may not reach it in one step, or in one assigned task or project.

But we are at least closer than if we avoid it totally.
We are improving at whatever pace, if we do not avoid the challenge.

Be brave and strive ahead in the name of self-improvement.
We will be happier in the end.



Jaideep Singh said...

Yes rightly said. The fear of failure is the biggest fear we all have. Nonetheless we always teach our kids to try over and over again until they succeed. But we ourselves feel shy trying something second time.

arathisudharsan said...

Sometimes we avoid the problem or put ourselves in "denial" about a situation because we can't accept that such a situation has happened to "me". We fear the consequences of facing it or sometimes unable to communicate our fears about the same to someone close. However, the problem does not go away. It resurfaces later or has impact on other decisions in life.