Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Effects of Too Many "Why"s.

Asking questions is a positive step to understand and learn about things.

You will find out more through the "why"s.

Whether you get any answer out of the asking does not matter. What matters is that you start to think. Through questioning, you start to piece up the whole picture.

But does that mean you can start asking "Why" to any subject?

Is it ok to question every steps of a purchasing process?
Is it ok to ask for reasons to every written statements in a report?

Any sane person will give a definite "No" to the above questions.


Because by answering every "why"s, you may take days to truly understand the whole picture.

If the process is for simple purchase, why dig deep to save a few dollars and waste unnecessary time and resources that can be make good in other area.

The saving in this simple purchase may not warrant the saving in man-hour pay!

Judgement in this decision-making area calls for careful thinking, balancing what is important over what is necessary.

Asking too many "why"s, sometimes hinder work flow, rendering frustration and causes inefficiency to the system.

Knowing when to question in a timely manner is a skill that has many benefits.
Strive to understand the elements of situational emphasis.

Is it money or time in this instance?
Is it a necessity or a desire for this matter?

Balance the conditions and place logic into the decision-making process.
This will help guide anyone to be a better self-improved person.

Prudence counts.


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