Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thinking With The Mind

In life, we make many decisions through thinking.

Some affects our short term goals while some are long-termed.
Some are crucial to the extent that it involved many iterations to get to the correct or suitable conclusion.

How do you think?
Sounds funny, right?

No, I am not playing with you.

Some people think with hopes and wishes.
The wiser lot thinks with the mind!

If you hope for an outcome, you will hope forever.
If you wish for something to come true, it is equivalent to gambling.
It is putting your final outcome to chance.

Thinking with the mind does not involve taking pure chances or resting the decision or say onto others.

Thinking with the mind calls for proper co-ordination with actual proven facts, or dealing with calculated chance when facts are not available.

Do you think with emotion or does your emotion gets in the way of thinking?
We are human.
It is not wrong to sometime couples in emotion into thinking and decision making.

What is proper is that the outcome has to be rationally made based on facts and not visual illusion.
It will be good if you can know what you are driving at.

"Can it be realised?"
That's the question you have to constantly ask yourself along the way.
It checks your thinking against dreaming and hoping.

We dream alot as human. Tell me if you are not!

It is good to dream, but dreaming and thinking is totally different.
Dreaming allows us to aim for the future and maybe the currently impossible.
Thinking with the mind is to resolve or better a situation with facts and figures for a good future.

With this article, I hope I have gotten you thinking.
Or am I wish-thinking?

Any comments?


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