Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dealing With Failures

Everyone do encounter failure one time or another. Facing it is dreadful. It hurts.

Do you run away from it?
Do you stay strong and face it head-on?

Yes, you may be strong and accept this failure. But what next?

Being able to face and accept failure is good, but is that the end?

Picking up from failure is the key issue, not just staying strong in the face of failure. 

Learning from the mistake made makes you a better person.
Being able to analyse the situation, and review the problem is enlightening to your future.
It makes you smarter.

It is the action taken after the failure that matters.
It is the standing up attitude after the fall that strengthens you.

Fear of failure is, thus, reduced if correct mental approach to it is practiced.

Understand that you cannot and surely cannot avoid making mistake.
Do not be shy.
Learn from sincere asking yourself whether you wish to hide from the fact or truth.

Keep learning and turn failure into a positive journey of self-improvement.

Happy learning.


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