Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fear of Failure

What is failure?
How do you view failure?

Failure is a frightening word anyone detest.
Yet it cannot be avoided.

Since we cannot avoid or prevent this from happening, we have to have the courage to face it when it comes along.

Having the courage requires a mindset change.

Does failure needs hopeless?
No. It means that the result did not meet the desired outcome.

Not meeting the targeted objectives does not mean all is lost.
The experience along the way is one good lesson we picked up.

Failure is just a deviation of the intended path.
There is nothing to fear other than the looks of the naives.

Avoid them, for they are the fearful lot.

Jumping into the unknown is a potential risk in meeting failure.
New experience and exposure will be encountered.
New outlook of a certain topic or area of interest will happen.

All this expand your knowledge.

Failure, hence, is a good starting point for you to review your procedures and technique in approaching a goal.

Face it with a positive attitude.
More is gained rather than lost.
Ironically it seems but true!

Fear not failure as it teaches.

Take up any challenge when it comes.
Avoiding it is a no-no strategy.
Avoiding it means you are reversing back to your original status. Status quo!

Do you want living life with no excitement and no new experience?
It is boring.

Think over it.
Think about failure.
Is it that dreadful?
What is the most you can lose? Access the siutation.

Self-improvement is important.
Pull yourself out of the well and look at the beautiful happenings around you.
Learn and face failure squarely.
Love it!

And life will be better.




nothingprofound said...

I used to tell my gymnastics students: "There's no success without failure. Lots of it." Another wonderful post.

fear no failure said...

Failure=lessons.You fail and get to learn from the situation.Underneath failure lies success and its only by willing to fail that people attain success.

Nice post.