Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Character Matters?

Have you met people who are successful and rich?
Or people who are intellectually one up above you?

How is their character?
Do they give up easily?
Are they fighters?

Most of them, if you observe closely, stay true to their passion.
They do not give up as easily as others when they face obstacles.

They strike on. They read and find out answers.

Ultimately, everything boils down to character.

If you do strongly believe in yourself that you can make it, you will do whatever it takes.
This is character.

If you desire to be number one, and stay on to prepare and nurture with whatever material and resources you have, you have good self-improvement character.

It is the strength within yourself that pushes you on.
You eat humble pie to pursue knowledge.
This is not weakness but vision.

Clear vision comes from a determined character.
An inner voice within yourself calling for a meaningful life.

Hence do good not only to others but also to yourself.
Practice good behaviour and thought.
They will form into habits that will serve you into ripe age.

Therefore, aim for good character as it is the starting point for a better future.
:- D


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