Saturday, February 9, 2008

To Clear Our Thoughts, Clear Our Surroundings

There are times when I was confused about what to do. I was lost as too many things have to be handled and deemed important. All streamed in at the same time! My mind screamed with questions like "How?" and "What next?". I can't prioritise.

Does this situation sounds familiar?

If the answer is yes, please read on. You may gather some tips as self-improvement.

We, as human, pick up information through our senses. The inputs received by our brain may be relevant or otherwise. Those that are irrelevant serves no purpose and would mess up our thoughts. Therefore to reduce these unnecessary inputs, we have to remove the chances for receiving them. This is the key step to clear our thoughts. Only then can we decide which task to select as our "number one".

How then can we reduce the chances to receive the un-needed inputs?

Clear our surroundings!

At the workplace, we can practice good house-keeping. Clear our work desk to get rid of untidy piling up of documents. Arrange whatever necessary to give a tidy desk. This clean desk message clears our mind for clear thoughts. With clear thoughts, our mind will be in a better state to decide what is proper. We will not be so easily confused to the extent of confusion. Form the habit of clearing the work desk at the end of the working day before you leave for home. The next day, you will have a clean and nicely arranged desk to start the day of. It has a positive impact on your brain. At least the untidiness is not there to disrupt.

At home, we can organise and keep things in their proper place. Locating them, when needed, will not be a chore. Hunting high and low for anything is not only frustrating but stressful. Save time for better thinking by cleaning up. To start off, you can past reminders on the wall or doors. This constant reminders will ultimately form into good habit that will lead to a clearer mind. Or at least you feel better as an organised person.

Other small stuffs that can be a nuisance are your drawers, your bookshelf, your cars, and even your carrying bag. Arrange the material within them, and the sight of a neatly handled containment that you use daily will give you a definite clear mind for thinking.

Therefore to have focus and undisturbed thoughts, clear the surrondings you live in. The clear visual impact will serve you good.

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