Monday, February 11, 2008

How To Save Time

There are many time management articles or information to be found anywhere. There are wonderful stuffs. I like them personally. However, recently, I came across a conversation between two persons in the train and found it enlightening to share it here.

How do we save time? This is the key question.

Yes, we can have it saved by many ways. Plan the daily activities, cut-short the tea break, organised things properly, use electronic gadget for reminders, etc. The list can go on with good intention, of course. But what is the concept that we must be aiming at?

The concept is to save the SECONDS ( or minutes included). Though we like to save hours or even days of effort, we must have the determination to start with the seconds. This "seconds" will accumulate to minutes and hours finally.

The saying "Every seconds count!" is true to the core here.

Strike to save the bit of seconds, and slowly this will transform into good habit to save more.

The logic is simple, right? Start small but grow big.

This concept is nice and easy. It will not be that tough going if we start with the seconds as opposed to starting with the hours (for example).

Therefore, to cut this post short and save you time, save whatever SECONDs you have.


Carole said...

I find that breaking things into little manageable tasks help me get everything done. Little tasks done consistently will get you there!

And taking care of things while they're still little helps a lot too :-)


Happy Person said...

Hi Carole,

Your comments enhanced my concept of starting with the little things, may it be time or otherwise. It will also be less stressful if we can start with manageable amount of task which will give us the confidence too.