Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is It Wise To Hate?

I believe everyone do not like to hate anything. Hating drains our energy and makes us unhappy. The hating spoils our mode and day. But why do we still hate things at times? We are human afterall, I believe.

What is the implication if we hate?

Hating forces us to attach our mind to the object that we do not wish to have. It goes opposite to our desire. The more we hate an object, the more it stays connected to us.

How not to hate?

We cannot don't hate. However, we can choose to forgive. Once we choose to forgive or seek understanding of why the negative event happened, our mind disconnects from the object and "cool" emotion sets in.

We have to constantly remind ourself of the negative impact hatred has on us when event forces us to hate things. The below are some tips:

  • We can momentarily move away from the site in question to cool down.
  • We can steal sometime to analyse the situation.
  • We can move any object that trigger us away from our sight since "Out of sight" means "Out of mind".
  • We can take a deep breadth as more energy is absorded during the process.
  • Smile and think positive.
  • Forgive and forget.

The list is not exhausive, but I believe they are good enough to suggest ways to lengthen our life. We live in a beautiful world, why bring "hate" into it? Learn to remove hatred from our life.

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