Saturday, February 9, 2008

Inspire Yourself Through Imagination

Our brain acts like a sponge. It can absorb many information. But as we grow older, we tend to relax and go into our comfort zone. This relaxation slows down the activity with the brain. Maybe physical part of the body relates to the slowing down of this mental exercise. But to continue with this "comfort zone" situation is a inefficient way to self-improve and keep up to date. You will be outcasted in no time especially in this, nowadays, fast-changing society.

I have, however, discovered an enjoyable activity. It is to imagine. It inspires the mind to test the limit of convention. Imagination can be done anytime when in the relaxed state.

Just pick up any item, be it a picture or hard item, and look at them with another perspective. See if there is another usage for it. See if they represent another meaning. Do not limit your thoughts. Just let it flow with your dreams or unguided thought. Close your eyes if necessary.

You can imagine flying in the sky at times. You can imagine swimming deep within the ocean searching for yet to be found fishes. You can be riding a supersonic vehicle round the world or into outerspace.

What you are doing with imagination is to generate ideas. Ideas that may give you new light to a problem. Ideas to a new product may be discovered. This imagination stretches the mind and make for an active brain. Even when no new solution happens, at least, you had your fun flying and swimming.

Why be limited by our physical being? Imagine and stay mentally active. Pick up a book, a picture, see a movie, take a bus to nowhere and imagine. Who knows, wonders may happen!


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