Thursday, February 7, 2008

Small Little Things Matter

Early in life, we are taught to behaviour ourself. We are told what is right and what is wrong to do. We are instilled with good habits and attitude. We are also taught good study skills. We are exposed to many good things.

However, some of these are self-discovered. Some children are not as privileged as others. They learned through experience. They picked up good habits as well as bad habits. They learned to experiment with the process and checking on the outcomes. They grew positively over the years if they understood the purposes of what they picked up. Others may move in the opposite direction, picking up wrong habits and attitudes, and not being able to differentiate proper and improper conduct.

Many a times, the final outcome came from many small little things we do. The accumulation of these supposedly minor steps led to habits and attitudes that mould a person's character.

Those who take things seriously, whether small or big, enable them to continually improve and succeed. In whatever, we do, we do it to the best of our ability. This is attitude.

If we are not able to wash a cup properly, can we wash a bowl or a pan? How about washing a car manually? Small little things matter. Learn small but grow big.

If we are not able to write neatly, can we expect others to read our works? It reflects on the person if work is done in an undesirable manner.

If we cannot differentiate between sand and soil, can we build houses? Nobody will trust us if we dare to build the house!

Small things matter. Do them well for the sake of not to complete the task only, but to instill good habits in us, to fulfill whatever in mind, with our best effort. Only then can we move on to do bigger things.

Therefore do not take things too lightly when they are small or insignificant upfront. They do matters.

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