Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attitude, Education, Network

Self-improvement means to improve ourself continuously. There are however, some basics guides that we need to follow to better ourself. The title I have selected for this post represents the areas we need to focus our attention on.

The first area to emphasis ourself, for a start, is ATTITUDE.

This is a key element for the next 2 areas. Without the proper attitude, nothing significant happens. Poorly completed work or assignment will be submitted if attitude is not proper. Be serious and respect each work given or to be completed. This is the basis for anyone to move on. If we do not possess correct attitude, we only drag with us a burden of problems to be solved later on (by ourself or others).

Next area is EDUCATION. This may not mean formal classroom education, though that is the best option, if available. We need to seek being educated to our highest academic level. With knowledge and skills picked up, we can then contribute to any organisation and society. We may aim for short courses when full-time job does not permit us to study full-time. Always go for knowledge as they enable us to decide better.

The last area is NETWORK. As we grow, we know more people. People becomes our contact in the working life. They may help and advice us along the way. They are exposed to other areas that we may otherwise lack in. They give us another perspective to a view, at times. Selecting friends for networking is important, as they reflect who we are. People view us through our contacts. Are we reliable and efficient? Are we pro-active or passive? These can be reflected in the people we mix with. We need to know our purpose before defining our network of friends.

Though these 3 areas are nothing surprising, they takes effort and time to master or achieve. Be discipline and mindful of their merits. Self-improvement is a simple word but has strong impact on anyone. :D

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