Saturday, December 1, 2007

Every Positive Effort Is Accumulated

Self-improvement means a constant push for a better person. It requires stamina to keep on moving towards an intermediate goal. After achieveing this goal, a new goal can be set adding value to past experience and knowledge. This cumulative effect, thus, results in a better outcome. The learning journey is endless.

Sometimes, after putting in tremendous effort into the learning, we discovered that the outcome is not that apparent or up to our expectation. Do not despair. I believe that after putting a decent amount of effort, we definitely will gain something in return. This cumulative effect of learning adds up to a final output in term of a more complete analysis of the lesson. Information has to be digested and takes time to be absorbed. So a rush job to finish up the learning of a set goal is not only detrimental, but loses its meaning. Time and effort will be wasted if the process of learning is done wrongly. We have to be patience as far as self-development is concern.

No effort is wasted along the way when we are really interested in learning and developing ourself. The results may not be immediate. The effort put in is producing small little changes in us. We have to continue putting in effort and enjoy what we are doing rather than expecting instant results. This way, I think, will make self-improvement fun and long-lasting.

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