Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Beliefs, Our Limits

In whatever we do, we do it with a certain belief. The belief may be for or against us. It decides the quality of the outcome and relates to the confidence within us.

If given a certain task or challenge, and we believe that it cannot be done, then no matter what it takes, we will not be able to achieve the required targets. We set up our own boundary before the task is performed; a boundary defined by our beliefs. This beliefs will therefore limit our capability or extent to handle the challenge. Why limit it?

To expand our capability, we should reduce, if not remove, this belief of ours. If we constantly remind ourself that we can do it, we will at least have lesser mental resistance to perform the tasks. The journey will be more enjoyable and exciting when we discovered that positive indications slowly appear.

Be more daring and take a different path to explore new ways to tackle old methods and procedures. We should seek to change the beliefs into positive affirmative, and see the results. I believe with this corrected mindset, favourable results can be achieved. Change the negative beliefs and our ability and confidence will definitely grow. This is so because the mental limits are removed. It takes time to achieve this state of mind. But, with practice and conscious reminder, all these are not beyond us.

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