Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It Helps To Stay Off Track At Times

Self-improvement means to improve by taking initative. To depend on others for your own development is not part of self-improvement. So how do we self-improve ourself?

One way is to jump into any unknown area or field of study and pick up from there.

Venturing into the unknown keeps us alert mentally. It forces us to quickly pick things up and seriously do something learning. It throws us off-balance. It removes us from the "comfort zone" and wakes us up. It is good, therefore, to go off track at times to "update" our survival skill. Staying relevant in this era is paramount.

By going off track, we may sometimes, see common daily issues in another perspective or angle. It refreshes our thoughts and twists our thinking, and tests our analytical ability when placed into the unknown. It may sound harsh, but the outcome will definitely be beneficial!

So do go off track at times to savour new thinking and ideas.

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