Saturday, December 8, 2007

Imagination Is As Important As Knowledge

A child with her imagination could fight off fierce beasts and many other creatures (eg.monsters ). A child with her imagination could fight off demons and horrible wizards, and also could cast spells.

As important as knowledge is, a child without imagination,does not have the skill to dream of great and beautiful things ahead. Without this ability to imagine, a child would not succeed in life even with lots of knowledge. She would only be able to recall facts and information but does not know how to apply them. No new value is added to her ability.

As said by Albert Einstein, imagination is more important than knowledge.

Therefore we should not limit ourself to any bounderies. We should explore new frontiers and areas to be able to generate new ideas and values. In this way, we can be contributors to society using imagination as a base, complemented by knowledge.

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