Monday, December 17, 2007

Mental Inertia

Have you ever wish to do something but just did not have the mental push to do it? Everyone at one time or another will encounter this very common problem of human. There are some people who are less of this than others. They are the "better" ones, I suppose. They are the action-type of people.

We have to learn to overcome this so-called "Mental Inertia" within us. How to do it?

First we must know what causes this sympton. It is the reluctant to perform or "do it". The sluggishness in the mind to think and plan. The laziness that is hidden inside us. Different people will exhibit different level of this laziness. The resistance, therefore, differs. Once we can break this sluggishness and laziness, we create momentum. This momentum is just like a rolling ball that get faster and faster as it moves. We can emulate this ball!

Ways to overcome "Mental Inertia":
  1. Mentally see the result of your action and picture the excellent result (this will motivate you into action),
  2. Start moving physically, and the brain will follow suit,
  3. Start small and pause to see actual result from this small step,
  4. When the mode is up, do not stop till you are satisfied,
  5. Rest when you feel tired ( otherwise you will feel stress up and anxiety will creep in),
  6. Think positively,
  7. Be aware that nothing is lost when you "actioned"; staying put causes more harm, and
  8. Believe in yourself; "I can do it" mentality.

With the above action-list, hopefully, it gets you going.

Mental inertia is easy to break and control. With practice, the resistance will get lesser and turn-around time will be shortened. You will see results faster and feel better and motivated by recalling past experience of forging ahead admist Mental Inertia.

The catch: "If the mind don't move, move the body".


footiam said...

Most of the time, the body moves but the mind doesn't.

Happy Person said...

Looking on the positive side, though the mind doesn't work, at least physically he or she is more healthier. Hoping for the best that the mind will "wake" up one day to match the body.

GhanShyaM KHATRI said...

yes my friend, here is also something like that.
My Mind is sometimes like a Rigid Stone, i can not proceed in my work even if i wish. !!!!!!!