Sunday, December 9, 2007

To Have Something New, Do Something New

The world is changing fast. New products, new skills, new type of job, new school syllabus, new rules and laws. The list will not stop and is growing with each passing days (even minutes). We see new items coming out, but do we pick up these new knowledge?

We may desire for the new skills and ponder over it for a long time. We remain the same as 1 year, 2 year ago. In order to change or keep up with the change, we have to do and merge into the new era, the era of new development. Do something new to capture that something new.

Keep learning and reading up on new area. Indulge in the habit of reading or any equivalent activities to stay actively relevant. If there is no area of interest, any area will do for a start. The trick is to get the mental inertia reduced or eliminated. Once the going is smooth, the resistance will be lessen. Do new thing, Learn new thing!

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