Saturday, December 15, 2007

Apply Information Acquired to Add Value

During our learning stage, we absorbed many information. Whether the information are relevant or otherwise, they may come in useful after linkage with other facts learned together or later. As such, our brain becomes a database or mental warehouse which contains information that we can use later. What if we do not use the acquired information?

When we just keep the information that we are exposed to, we are actually not learning. Learning means to apply the information which is then transformed to knowledge. This knowledge is value-added stuff.

With application, this knowledge can then be useful, as it generates more positive outcomes. These outcomes can be anything meaningful. It can be to help others, to explain complex issues, to create new products, or to further generate new ideas and concepts.

To keep the information in the brain and not using it is equivalent to collect dust. Not sharing it or utilising it means not having it. It becomes transparent to others. It will also be faded off over time. Everything absorbed will be lost! It is pure wastage of effort and resources.

Therefore, to really create value for ourself, not only do we need to pick up new information, we must apply it after careful analysing and understanding it. It is this approach to learning that will enable us to improve on ourself.

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