Friday, November 30, 2007

Putting Life In Order

Just by looking at a person's working table or desk, you can tell whether the person is organized or otherwise. The way we do things and arranging things reflect clearly our habits and personality.

Take a look at the work of successful colleague and the the not-so-successful ones. You can see a big difference on the quality. The way the successful writes also reflects the detailed thoughts that goes into their work. The effort is obvious. The order is there.

If you want to have a business that grows, it has to have workable system.
If we want to develop ourself, we need to have some plans and order.

To have plans and order, we need to keep our thinking clear. Keep the essential and necessary. Get rid of the mess within our surrounding. With a clear physical surrounding, our thoughts will be clear. With a clear mind comes good planning. With good planning comes achievable goals.

Therefore to get what we want, we have to put our life in order to have a clear mind to set a clear path leading to our goals.

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