Saturday, November 17, 2007

How To Overcome Fear- A Useful Skill

Whether young or old, we do experience fear at certain times of our life. It is at these times that we find ourselves being unsure and insecure. We may feel lost and frightened. We do not know what is the next step.

Nobody like to be caught in this fearful situation. This situation may come unnoticed or may even be anticipated. In may be related to new assignment(for working adults), new tutorials (for students), parenting issues in the case of new-borned baby, newly wed couples in handling their relationships, or job security. The list is endless but the feeling is the same if not similar.

What should we do then?

A direct answer is to face the matter head-on. Solve whatever stands in the way that creates fear. Seek to address the issues, talk about it or discuss any way to reduce if not totally remove it. It may be all in the mind. The situation may not be as fearful as one may assume. Discover the real condition or constraints that leads to the fear. Keeping it within ourself do us no good. It only stresses us and inhibit our progress both mentally and physically.

To be able to handle fear is a useful skill in life and is worth the time to develope. The more we are willing to solve fear, the easier it is to reduce or remove that fear. Be brave and honest with ourself. We are human. If after trying our best and the situation cannot be rectified, we can be consoled in the sense that we did our best to rescue the situation. With that notion, we will be more relaxed and the fear should subside over time.

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