Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Learning Is A Chain

Have you noticed how a chain of iron ring is linked up? One ring is completely into another ring. The bond is strong and complete. Learning is the same. We start with something and move on to another.

However, if we do not master the subject before going into others, the linkage or continuation of knowledge or skill understanding may not be strong. The link will be weak and loosen at any time of stress.

Learning is a chain means that we need to pick up the skill, learn it thoroughly, test the newly acquired knowledge or skill, and apply it to check for misunderstanding or missing facts. After only convincing ourselves, should we then move on to the next target of in our learning journey.

One thing therefore leads to another. This way of learning is safer and more satisfying with less degree of disillusion. We will be better motivated to carry on in times of hiccups. Keep building the learning chain and we can stay relevant to serve the society.

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