Saturday, November 10, 2007

Boost up Self-Esteem

To have self-improvement and self-confidence, we need to also have strong self-esteem. All work hand-in-hand to give us strength in the pursuit for betterment. So what actually is self-esteem?

It is the value that we refer to ourself. Whether it is high or low depends on how we look at our attitude, beliefs, and the feelings about ourself. It gives us hope to stay useful and, mentally and physically healthy. It gives us the future.

In order to improve ourself, we need to give ourself the hope of doing something for the good of the future. We need to boost our self-esteem to its highest to have strength and motivation to surge forward and learn.

A person with high self-esteem has these few main characteristics:
1) feels comfortable that he can face up to most challenges
2) have strong self-confidence
3) accepts who he currently is

A person with strong self-esteem looks at failures as lessons in learning. He review the failures and captures the mistakes leading to it and learn from it. He builds on the experience to move forward.

In order for us to have this self-esteem, we need to bost our self-esteem if it fails below expectation. We have our own strength as well as weakness. Do not concern too much about our weakness if our goal is to improve ourself. I, believe that with a strong self-esteem, we can add value to life for ourself as well as to others. Think positive and Cheers.

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