Monday, November 12, 2007

Benefits of Preparation | Self-improvement

Self-improvement is a process whereby we enhance our knowledge widely. We do not limit our self to an area. We scan the vast ocean of information, picking up new skills, new know-how and methods. But why do we do that?

Simply put, self-improvement enriches our soul. We will feel a better person with real content within. We can speak confidently and guide others well. It will be viral where people around you gets "infected" in the positive sense. Self-improvement is actually preparing ourself for the future. With the fast changing nature of life and work demands, having the latest knowledge or information is like having treasure within your brain. Having new skills and ideas, and linking the new with the existing, we form another strength to capitalise on where the needs come.

Preparation is therefore to enable us to meet future demands. We are preparing to engage future opportunities and is ready for them when they arrives. Our response time will be shortened when we are ready. This is a benefit for being prepared. And is the one reason for self-improvement. Do not confine ourself to any area. Just read and absord widely. This is also a definite criteria to being creative. Thinking out of the box, finding the missing links within us, finding new areas of interest and self-reflection can be used to start the ball rolling in our search for topics to embark on. Get prepared and enjoy the learning!

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