Saturday, November 17, 2007

Step by Step Improvement

Self-improvement does not necessary have to be at a regimental pace. If there is learning at this forceful pace, it is wonderful. However, if learning becomes stressful and demoralising, we need to step back and take a hard look at the learning process.

Learning should be done step-by-step. That is to say, when we have mastered a new knowledge in the process of picking up skill, we can move on to the next higher level in the earning journey. If we are not ready for the next step, we should not force ourself to that level since the fundamentals for the current steps may not be fully realised. It may be detrimental to move on to the next higher level of learning as the missing link may generate more questions and is cumulatively in nature. We may reach a state where too many questions or concepts are left unresolved due to not mastering a level before proceeding higher. We will then submit to failure and find the going tough. We will not enjoy the learning and escalate the learning anxiety.

Therefore to have a fun and exciting learning journey, master the current step to a satisafactory level before moving on to a higher level. It enhances our current knowledge and makes learning less taxing and esaier to follow through. Learn at your own comfortable and decent pace when you go for self-development but do set a deadline to check your plan towards achieving your goal.

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