Sunday, November 25, 2007

Staying On Track In Self-Development

In a self-development progress, many factors towards the development have to be self-considered. What is proper and what is not have to be defined by ourself. We may be confused and lost our direction at times. In those times, what is our guiding principles?

We must always question ourself of the true reasons for wanting to develop ourself. These reasons will be our push and keep us on track towards our goals. However, in our quest for those goals, two important principles, in my opinion, have to be adhered to.

The first one is to do right thing at all times. We have to strike to do things that serves the good of others as well as ourself. Sometimes, we got disturbed in our busy schedule and self-development takes a back seat. In our guilt, we may short change other important matters to offset the missing part in developing ourself. We may become selfish in sharing information to stay ahead. At times, we may be too caught up with our learning that other people's interest are reduced. If we maintain these bad behaviour, we may lose more than we can gain. This is because our relationship with others will be weaken along the way. People will distance themselves from us or starts to distrust us. Strike to do right things with good intentions and maintain our integrity.

The second principle is to do things right at all time. This may be difficult sometimes due to lack of experience. Doing things right saves time and may pevent giving others trouble. Sometimes the work done by us is not up to mark and have to be re-done. It may be due to lack of time or lost of focus. To prevent these from happening in the first place, we must observe our attitude. Self-development means to improve or develop ourself to make ourself useful. This aim should be strong enough to change our attitude towards our work and objectives. With proper attitude towards work and life, things will be done right at the beginning. What errors that occur will then be due to lack of experience or unintentional move.

With these 2 guiding principles, I believe we can move in a direction good enough to show improvement not only in knowledge but in character too. :)

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