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What stops you from advancing in Life?

Everyone wants to advance further in life and ultimately reach their goal. You would certainly not like to be left behind in the race. Do you tend to get lazy in the process? Why is it so? There are some factors involved in this.

Let us discuss each of the factors for being lazy or inactive and how you can avoid the Inertia:

1. Self-Introspection

2. Fear

3. Desirous of results without putting in equal effort (Lack of willpower)

4. Immediate Environment

Self-Introspection: First and foremost you need to do self-introspection that is doing your own SWOT analysis. What does one mean by self-introspection and SWOT analysis? This literally means that you take stock of your traits and habits. And also try to find out your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities that you can work on and what are the threats that you encountered in the path.

Often, lack of self-introspection is the cause of our short fall, and it is the lack of definite, undivided effort and attention that stands in our way to progress and achievement of the desired goal.

Introspection therefore means reassessing ourselves. The reassessment tells us where we are right now and what threats are we facing to reach to our desired goal and what opportunities do we have in hand to work on. Self-introspection is the reassessment of our own mental ‘block’ (created by our ownselves) and diagnosing deficiencies by removing negative tendencies in the form of habits, indecisiveness, fear, lack of confidence and so on – what we often term as failures.

What do we do here to ward of failure? We need to reenergize so that by uprooting all these negativities from our life the true happiness with the zeal to progress becomes prominent and firmly rooted.

Fear: The greatest enemy that stops us from advancing in life other than apathy, lack of confidence and inferiority complex is FEAR. It is the fear of the unknown. What if we do not achieve our goal? This unknown fear will literally stop us from moving forward – in fact we will not even fulfill our very aim to succeed. The best way to combat fear is to practice deep breathing exercises, and every night mentally affirm that you are under the protection of the Supreme Power of God, and energize your thoughts with positive feelings.

“Stay positive, Put your best foot forward, and always look at the rosy side of the picture, irrespective of the outcome.”

The key to ward of the fear is ‘Be Courageous and Bold’. Where does this fear emerge from? Fear comes from the heart, so fill your heart with LOVE, positive thoughts and when you feel agitated relax, calm down and breathe rhythmically, relaxing with each exhalation. This will help you in warding of fear in order to achieve your goal with full concentration.

”It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.”

Lack of willpower or determination: This is yet another factor, which is the major cause of frustration and subsequently dampening our ability to excel in life. It is, ‘desirous of results without the will to put in the effort’. Everyone wants to have quick and easy results without working hard for it. This is practically not possible. Because to gain something, you need to work hard, sweat out only then will you be able to reap the fruits of your hard labour.

‘Nothing comes free in life’.

You have the willpower within you to accomplish your goal, your end result. Don’t get bogged down by failure, sorrow, lack of confidence. You need to have a positive bent of mind, be optimistic, have determination and be consistent towards achieving your goal in life.
Remember, don’t be lethargic rather put in your effort to achieve your desired goal in life.

Immediate Environment: This is yet another factor you will ever meet in your life. It is your immediate environment. This immediate environment can be classified in to two:
Inner and the Outer. It is these two fields of environment that you will have to watch out for.

You can always keep control of your inner environment more than your outer environment. All your experiences come from your mind stuff – or the inner environment (your thoughts). What you perceive through all your senses from the outside world will equally shape your future. That is, if you perceive things around you to be positive, they will be positive. They will send positive vibes or thoughts within you thereby increasing your confidence in order to achieve your goal.

But on the other hand, if you perceive things around you to be negative, they will be negative. They will send negative vibes or thoughts within you thereby decreasing your confidence, lack of concentration in order to achieve your goal. You thus go towards failure.

Thus the important point here is to keep watch over your thoughts. For example, you may have stumbled upon a great home business opportunity that is potentially superb and just right for you in every aspect.

If you are having positive thoughts within you then you are happy, and quite willing to give it a go. But, on the other hand, there is something about this business that ‘stops’ you from going ahead with it. There may be several reasons for this that may make you lazy enough to achieve your goal.

What could be that negative factor? If you think about this, then you are doing self-introspection, you will no doubt come to a favorable conclusion…and surprisingly it is, the thoughts – the culprit.

To succeed in life you will have to begin by correcting your thought process. As rightly said, ‘Your thoughts reflect on your body language’.

So, in order to advance in life, you need to avoid the factors to inertia.

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Hari Qumar is a management graduate from a UK university and owns Begonia Infosys. He is actively involved in promoting SEO in India and works for an Affiliate marketing website as well.
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