Sunday, October 7, 2007

Positive Attitude - Feel The Difference

Why do you need a positive attitude? Being confident and pleased with your inner-self is the beginning of the process. A wholesome self-image shines out love and certainty and makes the people who are around you feel the same way. Having an optimistic approach is a pivotal ingredient for realizing success in all areas of your life. Your disposition destines how you approach your life and is emulated in your career, business ventures, sporting achievements and relationships.A winner's attitude is a principal requirement for achieving your desires in life. People that we revere for achieving excellence would not have attained their goals by living their life with an impartial approach. The essential components for a blessed life are believing in yourself, having the ability to visualize your success and living with with a positive attitude. A positive attitude promotes an expectant outlook on life. You will feel joyful, healthier and more energetic. Your acceptance in yourself and your abilities will be amplified and by adopting an open and positive attitude your consciousness will be welcoming to the opportunities that will start to come your way. Often when people have a negative attitude they become totally preoccupied with their problems and are unable to see the opportunities that are staring them in the face. Once you teach your consciousness to automatically assume a positive attitude your difficulties will not be as momentous and you will be able to control them with ease. Impulsively we are charmed by the company of positive people. They make us feel great about life by lifting our spirits. Attitude, whether it's positive of negative, is extremely contagious - so choose to be around people who have a positive attitude and your personality will take on the same energy. When you choose to live your life with a positive attitude your body will be enveloped with a light energy which will magnetically draw people towards you. By absolutely believing that your goals will become a reality you have within you the potential to be, do and have whatever you desire - couple this with a positive attitude and you will be irrepressible. A New York engineering Professor was quoted in 1903 as saying that it would be impossible for man to fly. The Wright Brothers piloted the world's first powered airplane two weeks later. The Wright Brothers had a definite advantage - they absolutely believed that their dream was achievable! Don't let fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams - instead take on a positive attitude and reach for your goals with faith. We all have the potential to soar to great heights if we take on a positive attitude like the Wright Brothers.Madonna Jeffries is the founder of Planet Abundance. Her mission is to provide effective self help and personal development tools that will enable you to achieve success in all areas of your life. Sign up for your FREE wealth creation mini course & receive 2 free e-books at Planet Abundance
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