Saturday, October 27, 2007

All People Are Different

All people are borned different. Whether it is physical or mental, we can improved by identifying our weakness and strength. Everyone has a certain strength that others do not have. This goes for weakness also.

Upon identifying our weaknesses and having the desire to improve them, we can pace ourself for improvement. Do note that our pace is OURS! We should not base on others to challenge our schedule. This may not be good for us as far as intellectual learning is concerned. We have to be comfortable and relax to learn and improve with absorption of new information or skill.

Everyone has their our learning style and habit. We can use others as a gauge to set reference for our learning to observe the missing link to the new knowledge but ultimately do feel comfortable and at ease to learn. With the proper learning mindset, we can improve ourself. But do not go into the comfort zone that inhibit us processing at a suitable pace. We learn to improve ourself and gain confidence as we move on in life. This is true satisfaction in living. With more knowledge, we can help others as well as ourself. Happy learning!

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