Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Manage To Create Mental Space

Self-improvement needs time. Time is precious. To improve, we have to create time to reflect and think. To take up a course or pick up a new skill, we need time. Learning involves the mind or the brain to digest the newly acquired materials. It does not come overnight. Learning takes time to internalise the concepts and form a change to the behaviour or habit (in the positive direction!).

To improve oneself, it is paramount that mastery of time management is necessary. This comes before any training can occur. Without creating time for mental space, focus and stamina cannot be sustained. Mutli-tasking to save time does not aid learning and the materials picked up will not be fully understood. The mind will flicker and lost concentration.

We need a clear mind and environment to focus on our learning. Find time or identify where time is lost and salvage it. Again, to emphasis, time is precious. Form a good habit and discipline through constant tracking of time used. With more time for mental processing, self-improvement is on the way. Happy time creation. :)

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