Friday, October 26, 2007

Reading to Keep Relevant

Being able to read is a blessed skill. To be able to read means being to capture knowledge. With knowledge, a person will be better informed and therefore will be in a better position to make better judgement.

Reading is fun. We pick up many information simply by reading. It can be information from books, newsapaper, television, or magazine. It can also be from the internet, which has plenty of materials. HOwever, reading is not simpliy acceptance of information. Reading includes the thinking part of learning, whereby filtering of relevant materials comes in. This inforamtion therefore becomes knowledge.

Reading trains up the mind of a person. It triggers the thinking juice and keeps it active. Linkage of old information and newly acquired information will form more knowledge. Reading is therefore deemed as one of the simple way to self-improvement. It is a cheap activity since reading materials are aplenty, easily made available almost everywhere.

In conclusion, read for pleasure and read for the good of one's future, as it makes one relevant to society. :)

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