Monday, October 8, 2007

Sources of Self-improvement programmes

Self-improvement, as the wor implies, is the improving of oneself. Where then can we get the programmes to improve ourself?

One, for sure, is through external means. External means is the normal programmes like courses, self-help books, web-surfing, etc. This programmes are information based where latest information can be used to upgrade our skills or knowledge. We can learn this alone or in group where sharing of ideas happen. This leads us to another source of self-improvement.

This other source is from "internal self". This "internal self" can be an important means to self-improve. By that, I mean the new ideas generated through self-reflection. Looking at existing matters from a different perspective can yields a different solution and idea. New ways to do things and new directions can be set simply through self-reflection. Character can change for the better also, which means self-improvement!

Another way to improve through "internalself" is to contribute ideas or sharing of experiences. The experiences may have been kept and unused due to many unforeseen situations. In adifferent settingor different phase in one's life, the knowledge can become useful. Through the sharing, our mental health are kept active and thinking. Social networking is aformof "internal self" improvement where gathering of like-minded people shares views and update knowledge. It can be interesting and exciting to learn from each other.

Whichever way one choose, the ultimate goal is to improve and stay relevant.

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