Thursday, October 11, 2007

Self-motivation | a necessary skill

Have you felt down and isolated at times? I believe everyone will encounter this one time or another. Regardless of age and gender, down time will occur at some stage. It could belong period or just a flash of moment. We cannot escape from it. It is part of our life especially now with the hectic lifestyle and working demands.

But all is not incurable. We can still brighten up ourself if we know haow to motivate ourself. The earlier we pick up this skill, the better it is and also faster to recover from the undesirable effect and feeling.

Learn how to motivate yourself by looking at the better time of the past (or maybe the future). Choose a better reference to boost the morale. Be aware the life is a cycle with its up and down. Take it with a pint of salt that the sunshine will come after rain. Choose message and mentall recite it to gear up the mode at this time of down-time.

Self-motivation is a form of self-development and improvement also. The more we practice, the faster we can switch back tothe "happier" self. Kids may not be skillful enough at their young age. Therefore, give advice to them to help them grow up with this necessary skill of self-motivation.

Some other tips to recover:
1) Talk to as many people as possible to rid the mind of the bad things loitering in the mind
2) Take a break from the usual routine (e.g. take a walk at the beah, feel the wind, hear the seawave, etc)
3) See comedy videos
4) Excercise physically
5) Read books on motivation
6) Play games with others (especially kids)
7) Do thing that you like and onfidenece with (to bring back good memories)
8) Listen to smoothening music to calm the mind
9) Pick up new skill to replace and realign your focus
10) Do social work as you may get to see worser situation than yours.

The list is not exhaustive but serve to give some ideas on how to self-motivate. With attitude, comes hope. Self-improve.


jaunesk said...

When we feel down, it is emotional. Just change your motion and you will be able to change your emotion. said...

All said, everything within us is linked up. Identify the particular area that is easy to control (mode, emotion, senses, mental, etc) and the break the loop. This will at least cause the spiral effect to be contained. We are human after all. Take it easy at times.