Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Achieving Efficient Time Management With Mindmapping

Time management is a subject that has been written about ad infinitum. Yet, still find it difficult to manage time efficiently and struggle to cope with their personal, business and social work and responsibilities. This imbalance of time accorded to different activities continues to be one main factor for causing stress syndromes.

The one most crucial aspect of time management is focusing on the main issues that will lead to achieving your desired goals and ambitions. Normally, we tend to spend a great deal of our time on unimportant issues that we end up spending 80% of our time for achieving 20% results, while giving just 20% of our time for achieving the remaining 80% of the results. This leads to wasteful spending of time and makes goal achievement a Herculean task. .

The first step for time management is splitting the most important from the unimportant and devoting your time and attention to the important issues, while delegating activities of less importance. One way is to maintain an activity logbook to examine time spent on different activities of the day, including time spent on errands, talking over the phone, reading paper, TV, etc. Your log book at the end of the day will reveal where you are wasting unnecessary time and where you need allocate more time for achieving your main goals.

‘Action Plan’ and ‘To Do List’ are renowned methods of time management. Apart from these, you can use Mindmapping to help manage time at every step in the process. Be it Action Plan, or To Do List, or Activity Log book or even Goal setting, Mind Maps are an excellent device for efficient use of your time and for attaining your larger goals.

Mind Maps offers a broad picture of your various activities and helps to keep you on course. While the other time management methods just lists activities needed to complete, Mind Maps you go beyond the mundane as it presents your larger goals and help to keep you in perspective and motivated. This kindles actions and leads to greater efficiency and application. Therein lies its efficacy and viability.

By bringing all the elements of your short, medium and long-term goals into a single Mind Map, it offers a comprehensive picture of the different levels of your activities. It helps you to see the relation between your different tasks and provides meaning and impetus to achieve your goals. It is a meaningful exercise that lends depth and action. It is an effective tool for increasing your efficiency and is a simple device for achieving your ambitions.

By: Mindmapper

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