Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Relationship with others

This is one area of a human that involves communication. Relation is a sensitive and complicated subject and if not dealt with properly affects the relationship. It may be good or bad depending on how a person handles the process of building it. Relationship has no precedance to follow although there is some reference to guide us. But it is still up to an individual to align his objectives together with his targetted person or persons.

Basically to have a good relationship, one has to be open and work with trust. Create understanding along each other to lessen the tension. It is an iteration process and is continous, and one has to keep up improving and observing to maintain this relationship building process.

Building relationship and a strong one is like depositing money into a bank to grow interest. Only when one has put in sufficient effort does one reap the good outcome. Self-improvement matters alot in this area (and both parties has to follow this process). It does not involve noly adults but also parent and kids. Rapport building among teacher and students, staffs and bossess, all this are relation building and is a very challenging and important aspect of life.

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