Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Academic upgrading

As a small kid, it is play and schooling. The leraning process is taken for granted. They go to school to study, attend external course, attend educational activities and learn may, many skills to prepare them for adulthood. As they process to adolescence, some may start to lost interest in studies when their parent felt that they are big enough to handle themselves. Their therefore has a choice as to whether to continue studying or going for "side-line" work. Some, however, are privileged to continue studying given a well-to-do family background.

These two cases differs alot. But as long as attitude towards learning is strong, the outcome will be good. When the kids grow up slacken in studies, they will tend towards working without academic upgrading. They may feel a burden to continue studying and will lack updated knowledge in their work.

It is therefore good to keep attending courses, off-line or on-line, structure or otherwise. There are also many books, eBooks, software, CD and DVD that helps busy working people improve themselves. Grap the chance to update knowledge. One will stand a better chance of survival when one is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Keep on learning or studying. Pick up any learning materials and start learning or attend evening classes !

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