Friday, September 21, 2007

Creative Communities - There For You When Your Friends And Family Aren't

Do you find much of your time is spent creating alone in isolation?
Do you sometimes wonder if anyone even KNOWS that you create, let alone cares what you’re creating and why?
You may even find yourself thinking: “If I create something wonderful and no one else actually gets to experience it, is it still wonderful? In fact does it even really exist at all?!”
Maybe you’re fortunate to be surrounded by creative influences that encourage and support your creativity, people you trust who you can always turn to and know they’ll understand.
But for most of us who create, unfortunately this isn’t the case.
At best, our creative efforts and lifestyles are greeted by our friends and family with blank expressions that just don’t understand.
At worst, we’re criticised, mocked, or laughed at, our creative work dismissed as a “silly artsy stuff” or a “funny little hobby”.
How does this relate to experiences you’ve had in your creative life?
As you know only too well, it hardly breeds an atmosphere conducive to abundant and joyful creating.
There is an alternative though, you don’t need to continue to suffer silently alone!
In these days of the “global village” of the internet, the selection of supportive creative communities available for all kinds of creative disciplines is deep and wide.
By becoming part of a supportive community of like minded artists, you can see your creativity rocket to new, previously unseen levels. For some of us, the encouragement we find in a group like this is something we’ve never really experienced before.
There’s a common coaching phrase: Encouragement = Rocket Fuel.
With the kind of encouragement and support you can find in a creative community you’ll be flying to the moon and beyond every day!
Wouldn’t you love to experience a group where you know your work is appreciated, taken seriously and encouraged? A place where you can speak openly about the struggles of the creative process and know others will listen and understand, and be there to support you?
Unfortunately, our families and friends aren't always the first people we can go to for support and encouragement in our creative lives. Fortunately though now there are creative communities we can find today that give us that support we lack closer to home.
Now you've seen some of the benefits, isn’t it now a good time to start looking into joining a creative community that can bring these benefits to you?
And with this in mind, I’d like to invite you to CoachCreativeSpace, a thriving interactive creative community space for you to learn how to be as creative as you've always known you can be.
You'll find Creative Forums, Groups, Artwork and Blogs to share in and contribute to, and supportive like minded creative people who are experiencing some of the same challenges and triumphs you are. Check it out now, at:
From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin
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